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Team Condee

Team Condee IEA was founded in 2011. Throughout the team’s first season, the riders grew both as a team and individually to build their riding skills. Under Coach Nancy Unger-Fink, the 2011-2012 team had many competitors qualify for regionals. The founding Head Captains were Ali Unger-Fink and Emily Spatz and the Jr. Captains were Nikki Wronski and Kirsten Prowse. It was a challenging year to get used to the IEA program, but it was very successful and rewarding. Team Condee IEA not only further develops each team member’s athletic abilities, but it had become a family of dedicated and passionate young adults who all share the love of riding. We wish you luck and hope that if chosen to be on the team, you will build bonds of friendships that last long after your middle and high school careers. We are a Zone 4 Region 5 Team.

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